Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Last ISA Post

. Sunday, February 21, 2010

For those who were interested in the content of my talk beyond what Alex wrote, Robert Farley of LGM live-tweeted the roundtable. Apparently, here's what I said:

Winecoff: who am I?

Winecoff: nobody who has any authority should ever listen to what I say.

Winecoff: blogging opened important avenues for my academic work.

Winecoff: dr. Farley is twisting my words.

Winecoff: not doing this (blogging) for relevance, but rather as a generator of academic knowledge.

Winecoff: being invited to this panel is going on my CV.

Winecoff: re-emphasizes notion of blog as academic notebook.

Winecoff: more specifically, an interactive notebook.

Winecoff: you too can be a blogger, in just 30 minutes a day

Most of that is pretty much right. I am putting this on my CV, and I'm leaving it until I've got something better to put there. That could take awhile.

I should have added that I would be happy for any of the panel members to write me letters of recommendation when I go on the job market in a few years.

P.S. Since it somehow wasn't clear to everybody, Farley's tweets were in good humor and were taken as such.


One Last ISA Post
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