Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Links

. Sunday, January 17, 2010

1. The high points of Christopher Hitchens' political philosophy, in two parts.

2. Just came across this tool for time-series cross-sectional analysis. Looks interesting, although I've yet to play with it. The list of Gary King's public goods is ever-growing.

3. How preference utilitarianism -- like that in Rawls' A Theory of Justice -- denies human rights and provides justifications for slavery and genocide. [pdf]

4. How the Fed earned its profit:

I have suggested that the right way to think about these operations is that the Fed acquired the funds for these operations by borrowing them from banks in the form of the huge expansion of interest-bearing reserves. In essence, the Fed is borrowing short through banks' excess reserves and lending long through the MBS purchases, and profiting from the interest rate spread.

The ultimate rationale for such actions might be that private banks should be conducting this arbitrage on their own, but are prevented from doing so by ongoing financial difficulties.

5. Sebastian Pinera is the new president of Chile. He is also a Harvard-trained economist. Here are some of his academic papers.

6. NAFTA increased real wages in all participating countries, and Mexico benefitted the most.

7. Steven Landsburg wants feedback on this draft of a new paper [pdf] on quantum game theory.

8. Dan Drezner and Henry Farrell compare Europe and America:


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