Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Number 11. Or 25. Or Something.

. Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Monkey Cage has the lowdown on the NRC's new political science rankings. UNC makes the top 25 in both the survey rankings (#25) and the regression rankings (#11), described like so:

The 3 inputs are as follows:

1. Department level data collected by the NRC on 20 different indicators (e.g., publications, citations, proportion of students who graduate within six years, etc.).

2. Survey data that asked respondents to evaluate how important each of the 20 indicators are to graduate program quality.

3. Survey data that asked respondents to rate a random subsample of 15 programs on a six point scale. ...

In the R rankings, the ratings in (3) are regressed on the indicators in (1) to generate a regression based set of weights. These weights were then applied to the indicators in (1) on the full set of schools to generate rankings. Since there is uncertainty in these rankings, the regressions were estimated 500 times on random half samples of respondents, which generates the percentile rankings.

In the regression rankings UNC beats Chicago, UCSD, Ohio St. Cornell, MIT, George Washington, and Wash. U. (St. Louis). Not too shabby. Probably also not completely reliable, but there you go.


Number 11. Or 25. Or Something.




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