Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get Back to Work, Phil!

. Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm very interested in reading this paper after it has been written:

In the case of Egypt, there's also an argument to be made that the US effectively bought the end to one of the postwar era's most intense interstate rivalries. (One of the too many papers I'm working on at the moment develops this argument. When it is ready, I will post a version here. The preliminary results suggest that the best explanation for patterns of conflict between Israel and her neighbors is the amount of US foreign aid given. Standard factors like parity and rapid shifts in the distribution of capabilities do not have much effect, though they do help explain how much aid the US gives.)


Phil Arena said...

Nice title. :) Appreciate the interest. I'll be presenting it at Midwest but I'm not sure how far ahead of time it will be done...

Kindred Winecoff said...

I'm not going to Midwest unfortunately, but I'll read it when you post it.

Phil Arena said...

Can't blame you. Chicago's fun, but Midwest is not always the most useful conference. I'm presenting on two panels. One has no discussant, as of right now. On the other, I'm the discussant. So I guess I get to tell myself how great my own paper is...

Good thing we have the smaller, more focused conferences like Peace Science and IPEs.

Kindred Winecoff said...


I'm presenting a couple of papers at ISA, and I usually go to IPES. Midwest doesn't seem too important for IPE folks. The security people are UNC all go and present, but the IPE people save it for APSA, ISA, or IPES. It seems like that's somewhat typical.

Get Back to Work, Phil!




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