Thursday, May 10, 2007

The New (Protectionist) Trade Policy

. Thursday, May 10, 2007

And if you remain unconvinced about why more knowledge of economics is besides the point:

Democrats representing the older industrial regions, where jobs have been lost because of imports of cheap textiles, shoes, machinery and other products made in Asia and Latin America, have generally been opposed to free trade deals.

But others in the party are more open to trade. This group tends to represent high-technology and financial services industries, which are eager to gain markets in fast-growing third world countries.

Can someone say "sectoral model"?

This from commentary on the so-called New Trade Policy agreement just announced in DC in which the Bush Administration agreed to Democrat demands to incorporate labor and environmental components in pending free trade agreements with Peru, Panama, Colombia, and South Korea. This does not augur well for the future, as it is all too similar to the waning years of Clinton.

Does anybody remember the Seattle Ministerial Conference?


The New (Protectionist) Trade Policy




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