Monday, May 7, 2007

The First 100 Days

. Monday, May 7, 2007

Looks likely to be an "interesting" summer in France. Hope no one has plans to visit any of the government-run tourist attractions...According to the International Herald Tribune:

"Before the summer is over, [freshly-elected Nicolas] Sarkozy wants to loosen the 35-hour workweek, cut taxes and curb the power of France's labor unions. "I will not act fast, I will act very fast," he vowed last week."

But in France, the street can matter almost as much as the Parliament, and unions have already pledged to defend their privileges.

Sarkozy's team has pledged not to be cowed by protests.

"We need a strong hand with the CGT in order to send a clear signal to our electorate," Fillon, the former social affairs minister and architect of a pension reform in 2003, told the weekly magazine l'Express on Monday, referring to one of France's two biggest labor unions. The CGT was one of the main organizers of two months of street demonstrations against a youth employment law that was eventually abandoned by Chirac."

Bon chance, Nicolas


The First 100 Days




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