Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bibliography Software

. Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To follow up on our discussion this morning about bibliographic software.

UNC Library supports and has courses for Endnote. They assert that Endnote is available via Oasis on the citrix server, but I could not log in to check this (This is my problem, not a tech problem: I have not used my asnt1 domain user name and password for years--and apparently the onyen isn't).

UNC Library supports an alternative program called Refworks. This program resides on a server somewhere, but is offered at zero cost to UNC students, faculty, and staff. The library also appears to offer some training (next session is February 12), and the online help seems useful.

JabRef is one other free alternative. I have never used it and thus can neither recommend nor discourage you from doing so. Thanks Justin for bringing this option to my attention.

I strongly encourage you to adopt some bibliographic software--especially if you are thinking about writing an honors' thesis.


Anonymous said...

Amen. I've used RefWorks and found it quite useful. Importing book references is easy as they can be pulled from the UNC card catalog. Journal articles are easily cited by using the Google Scholar link off the UNL library homepage. It's been very helpful.

Justin Fleming said...

Thanks a lot for posting these, Professor Oatley! JabRef seems to be work very well, and one of its perks is that it runs on any platform (Win, Mac, Linux).

Mary Shane said...

This is really helpful! I think my Dad will bookmark this page. I will visit this page a lot! Thanks much! More power to you and to your site!

bibliography software

Anonymous said...

Another alternative is WriteCite.com. WriteCite.com is designed for today's generation of learners who demand anywhere, anytime, online formatting of academic reference lists for student assignments and term papers. WriteCite.com is an onlilne citation formatter that saves students time when compling their research sources in APA, Harvard-Chicago and MLA compliant formats. Intended for use by Univeristy, College, and School students, reference lists generated on WriteCite.com can be copied, emailed, or exported to an MS Word document. WriteCite.com is available for a free 30 day trial and works on all major computer operating systems and internet browers.

Bibliography Software




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