Thursday, June 28, 2007

Waiting Lists for Cool Cars

. Thursday, June 28, 2007

This would be funny were it not so sad. I covet the new BMW 335i, which one can order from the factory in Germany and wait the three months or so for it to be built, transported and delivered. That three month wait seems ridiculously long to many who are waiting. Yet, it pales in comparison to what used to be the waiting time in the "other Germany" for their pride of auto technology, the Trabant. “Roger Dietzel, 52, ...recalls registering his name on a waiting list for a new Trabant in 1973 and never getting one. The wall fell, Germany was reunified, and production of the Trabant ceased in 1991 before his car was ready." That's a long wait...


Unknown said...

One of my buddies ordered a car from Germany in October, and it still hasn't arrived. Porsche said they are raising the red cows for his leather seats. I'm putting odds on you to get a 1-series before my friend gets his! (but no promises!)

Will said...

the germans seem to like making people wait for their cars. the first of the new mini coopers had year long waiting lists (made by BMW) and the new SMArt cars have a waiting list (engineered by Mercedese)

Waiting Lists for Cool Cars




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