Thursday, August 2, 2007

He's Ripping You Off...

. Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm not always a big fan of Kristoff, but I have to respect his honesty this time around. The punchline:

"There is a familiar trajectory when a political party takes power. At first, it brims with ideals. Then it makes compromises to stay in power. Finally, it becomes devoted simply to staying in office. Can Ms. Pelosi really have compressed this downward spiral into just six months?

President Bush had sought to place a ceiling on payments to any farmer of $200,000 per year, but the Democratic leaders have set it at $1 million ($2 million for a couple). [Editorial comment: because a couple just can't get by on $1 million these days] Any time the Democrats find themselves fighting on behalf of fat cats, against a Republican White House that says enough is enough, it’s time for the donkey to kick itself in the head."

Further evidence that party really matters only to the uninformed.


He's Ripping You Off...




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