Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Monetary Policy is Easier

. Thursday, January 17, 2008

As the political discussion of fiscal stimulus to address the non-recession (AKA "downside risk"), familiar patterns emerge.

"Mr. Bush (when did the NYT decide that President Bush no longer deserves the title?) is scheduled to spell out his criteria for the stimulus package in a speech on Friday at a manufacturing company in Frederick, Md."

The Democrats are unwilling to wait to see the details before passing judgment. "Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader, said it was “encouraging that the president has acknowledged the economic problems challenging our nation.” But he complained that Mr. Bush seemed to be following a go-it-alone approach that could “unnecessarily politicize the inevitable bipartisan negotiations” that will be necessary."

It's a good thing we are not in a recession, cause if we were we'd be in deep trouble.


Why Monetary Policy is Easier




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