Saturday, November 15, 2008

What do Summiters Eat?

. Saturday, November 15, 2008

The official menu [at Friday night's pre-summit meal] included fruitwood-smoked quail, thyme-roasted rack of lamb and baked Vermont brie with walnut crostini, along with three wines.

Comments reflect public outrage: "The insensitivity of the Bush White House, even in its last days, never ceases to amaze me. ..According to news reports last night, they serve a wine costing about $300 a bottle? Now, I'm all in favor of wine with dinner, it's a healthy, civilized drink -- but $300 a bottle? There are a wide range of perfectly acceptable wines in the $15-$25 range. But how typical, at a time when many Americans are scaling back, when there are many who go to bed hungry each night, both here and abroad, the Bush Administration spends $300 a bottle on wine."

Right, like world leaders will drink $15 wine...and are the Dems really moins


Alex Parets said...

We need to introduce the G20 to Trader Joe's $2.99 wine super-special. It's what us poor graduate students live off of.

$300, you must be crazy. As the Miller High Life commercial plays over and over in my head. Those guys are definitely living the high life.

What do Summiters Eat?




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