Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Is Full of Growth Potential

. Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It isn't all that often that avant-garde pop music and investment banking can be mentioned in the same breath, but this was probably inevitable: Bjork is on a mission to save the Icelandic economy, and she's doing it in typically weird fashion:

As a million bankers flee the plunging markets, one brave Icelandic singer – known for coos, shrieks and a swan dress – is proudly taking their place. Björk has turned venture capitalist, with a new fund that aims to revive Iceland's economy.

Björk is working with Audur Capital, a Reykjavik-based investment company founded and managed by women. Audur Capital will oversee the fund's day-to-day dealings, directing an initial investment of 100m Icelandic krona (£575,000) toward sustainable, environmentally-friendly businesses. ...

Björk's fund will be called, er ... Björk. ...

Though Audur Capital has not divulged the material investment of Björk the singer in Björk the fund, knowing her work we imagine it is something along the lines of one heron feather, five regrets and 16 baby teeth.

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All Is Full of Growth Potential




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