Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show Some Love, Harvard Law School!

. Sunday, July 26, 2009

Despite Greg Mankiw's sure influence, Harvard University clearly hasn't learned proper blog etiquette. They copy-and-pasted one of our posts in its entirety (via Seeking Alpha), but the link they provide points to a separate page on their web site rather than our Seeking Alpha page, much less our blog itself. Apparently the Harvard Law School is in such dire straits that it can't afford to detract attention from itself by linking to original sources*.

Seriously. Here's their site (look for the "Altering Incentives in the Financial Industry" entry), and here's what they link to. It isn't us. And even worse, the blockquotes from our post are lost in transcription, so it looks like we wrote things that we did not write. Scandalous!

Some sort of retribution is surely in order, but all of their working papers are too long for this blog. Besides that, despite losing some 30% of its endowment in the past year, Harvard can surely afford better lawyers than I.

So consider this post my spit in your eye, Harvard Law School. Just because you're richer and smarter and more powerful than the rest of us doesn't mean you have to be jerks about it.

*We're not the only ones; that page is littered with non-links to blogs, magazines, and newspapers all over the internet. And while it's true that our post discussed an article that cited a study by a Harvard Law School Professor, we had the freaking courtesy to link to it rather than reproducing the whole damn thing on our site!


Show Some Love, Harvard Law School!




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