Sunday, November 7, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Ban 'Em

. Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is what I meant when I wrote in the previous post that "I wish it were possible to push for immigration reform too, since it's the time for that as well, but I'm pretty sure the sort of immigration reform we'd be likely to see right now isn't the sort I'd support":

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a staunch opponent of illegal immigration who will become chairman of a key subcommittee handling immigration rules, said that he thinks he'll be able to pass a bill out of the House to end the Constitution's birthright citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.

Ain't happening of course, but still. To the extent that this is common in the modern GOP, it is not the party of liberty, or free markets, or rights, or any of the rhetoric they use. It is the party of those who want the government to protect them from forces that threaten their privilege.


If You Can't Beat 'Em, Ban 'Em




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