Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Subsidizing the Royal Farm

. Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Each semester I ask my students to look closely at the distribution of US agricultural subsidies. They are often surprised by the realization that most payments go to a small number of high-income "farmers." Today's IHT suggests an identical pattern in the EU.

The most delightful tidbit: the British Royals are among the big winners from the Common Agricultural Policy. "Data from the 2003-2004 farming year indicated that the queen [of England] and Prince Charles received €360,000; the Duke of Westminster €260,000; and the Duke of Marlborough €300,000...The queen and Prince Charles received a total of more than £1 million, or $2.1 million, in EU farm subsidies over two years."

Not surprisingly, recipients of large payments via the CAP have sufficient political influence to block reform.

If you wish, you can track EU recipients and US recipients. I am struck by the lack of transparency in the EU


Subsidizing the Royal Farm




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