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. Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Inspired by North Korea's most recent nuclear test, Dan Drezner offers a list of his favorite IR articles and books on the role that the reputations of states play in international relations. This isn't usually IPE fare (although several of the his favorites are IPE texts), but one thing about his list immediately stood out: an article by Mark Crescenzi, Associate Professor of Political Science here at UNC, made the list along such luminaries as Thomas Schelling, Daryl Press, Philip Zelikow, and some dude named Machiavelli. The list is here, and Dr. Crescenzi's article may be found at JSTOR here (I do not know of an ungated version). I can second Drezner's recommendation: it's a very good article.


Mark Crescenzi said...

Sweet! Thanks for the props.

That's some pretty good company. The Tomz book is an awesome read for the IPE crowd (and everyone else).

Drezner has my take right: Iran is paying close attention to how the US reacts to North Korea's nuclear antics.

FWIW, there's nothing "security" in my model, so the reputation theory I lay out should be portable to IPE questions as well.





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