Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Foreign Policy Poetry

. Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From Passport, a summary of a State Dept. briefing:

Not Expecting an Iranian Representative / Would Review Any Proposal Seriously If One Given / P5+1 Proposal is for Engagement / US Prepared to Respond to Some Kind of Meaningful Response / IAEA Report Shows that Iran is Noncompliant / Iran Have Been Provided a Path / Would Like a Response That Certain Obligations Must Be Met and they Welcome Engagement

Still Waiting for an Official Response / All Iranians Need to Do is Response to Proposal

Not Certain if Iranian Leader Will Come

Are they all this good? Either there's some yearning in there -- "come hither, Mahmoud" -- or I'm imagining things. Which reminds me of this:


crd said...

I wonder sometimes how stuff like this doesn't get us into a war. There are several places in the world where portraying the leader (or the leader's Fool, or the challenger, what have you) in a red dress would invite some pretty nasty punishment. But, as he says: you're in New York now...

Foreign Policy Poetry




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