Tuesday, February 16, 2010


. Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today and tomorrow the entire IPE@UNC crew will be traveling to New Orleans for the annual meetings of the International Studies Association. Yeah, that's right: we're holding our annual meeting in New Orleans the same week as Mardi Gras. Tuesday is Fat, the conference starts on Wednesday. That's how we roll.

Anyway, blogging may be light over the coming days, or it may be heavy. Depends on how things go, and whether there is wireless internet in the conference rooms. Hopefully we'll have some interesting new papers to discuss in this space.

If any readers are there, yours truly will be on a roundtable on Friday discussing the potential for blogging to influence policy, theory, and scholarship. Yeah, yeah, sounds self-important and boring. But even if you wouldn't come to hear me speak, maybe you'd come for the other roundtable participants: Dan Drezner, Joseph Nye, Stephen Walt, Charli Carpenter, and Robert Farley. As you can tell, nobody will be there to hear me, but I'll be there nonetheless, trying to not to embarrass myself in the ten minutes I have to speak.

So say hi if you're in NOLA this week. And if you can't be, watch this space; we'll try to blog some of the most interesting stuff as we have time and internet access.






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