Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Won An Award!

. Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, not "we". Thomas did. And not an "award" per se, in that there's no cash or statue or anything. But Thomas was just given a prestigious "Albie", named in memory of the great Albert Hirschman (whether A. H. would approve or not), by Dan Drezner, for his article "The Reductionist Gamble". In Drezner's words:

The Albies are awarded to the best writing in global political economy for the past calendar year. The writing can be in a book, journal article, think tank report, or blog post -- the key is that the article makes you reconsider the way the world works.
Thomas's article was listed second in the "no particular order" list, but it was the only article published in a top academic journal on his list -- there was a think tank paper and a UP book as well -- so in terms of importance for the discipline of IPE it in some sense stands alone. Last year, I believe, no academic IPE pieces made Drezner's list.

In my opinion this article should be on every IPE syllabus from the advanced undergrad level on up.

The link Drezner provided to the article is gated; an ungated pdf is here. The logical extension of that article is to forge a new IPE paradigm. Or, as I believe, to try to re-unify the open economy politics paradigm with the "complex interdependence" focus from IPE's early days, using more rigorous empirical tools. I think that's the track that Thomas is currently pursuing in his work, and it's the primary epistemological motivation for my dissertation as well.

So, congrats Thomas!


Emmanuel said...
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Emmanuel said...

I liked the IO article when I read it, too.

Don't mean to chide Drezner yet again, but I thought that dear Professor Oatley had won the SSRC Albert O. Hirschman Prize. Now that would be quite an achievement--at least among the crowd I hang with! (And Drezner's New Year's resolution is to be more original and less confusing.)

matto said...

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We Won An Award!




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