Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Links

. Friday, June 19, 2009

-- A new (free until August 1st!) book on economic development: The Success of Development. The author welcomes suggestions.

-- Were there three or four mistakes in recent American macroeconomic policy? It depends on the day.

-- The U.K. cedes regulatory authority to the E.U. Does this contradict or support the findings of Dr. Oatley's second-most cited paper [pdf]*?

-- A roundtable on "The Lessons of 1937" by Christina Romer, featuring Thoma, DeLong, Eichengreen, Cowen, Bordo, Waltzer, and others.

-- The IR Guide to Parenting (Happy Father's Day, Dads)

-- Gary Becker takes a comparative look at where the U.S. health care system ranks relative to other countries. The oft-cited statistics are often mis-leading.

-- Robert Mugave's most recent campaign advertisement:

*Not sure if the citation thing is true, but that's how Google Scholar sees it.


Weekend Links




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